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UK Collection 1

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Warrior Queen of Britain (Iceni tribe) in the first century A.D., she rebelled against the Romans.


Buckingham Palace

The Queen's official London residence on a cold, crisp January morning with the moon still visible.  Taken from St. James's Park.


The Benches

What a lovely quiet place with park benches. Taken at Harrow School, Harrow-On-The-Hill, England.  Sir Winston Churchill and the late King Hussein of Jordan number among this school's graduates.

A Run In The Park

No matter the time of day or season of the year, Londoners make good use of Hyde Park.

Windsor Castle

An active Royal residence for over 900 years, Windsor Castle is said to be Queen Elizabeth II's favorite home.  A modern intrusion - it lies in the flight paths from Heathrow Airport.

Signpost Guardians

Pigeons fluffed up against the cold January morning, perched on a signpost in St. James's Park.


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