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Amish Country Silhouettes


Card chart printed on both sides of high-quality acid-free stock (30% post-consumer).  Full cross-stitch and backstitch only.  On 18-count, each will fit within 6"x6".

Price:  $4.00 each

I have been fortunate enough to participate in the National Counted Cross Stitch Show at Rockome Gardens in Arcola, Illinois.  Arcola, about twenty miles south of Champaign, is in the middle of Illinois's Amish Country.  These designs are a direct result of my visits to this area and all reflect specific places or things. 



This is the basic mode of transport for an Amish family.  Safety regulations require an orange reflective triangle on the back.  Some carriages sport lights and turn signals - these are powered by friction.





Sturdy and plain, the barns in this region have steeply sloped rooflines to repel the winter's snow.  The inspiration for this design is near Rockome Gardens.





This gazebo is adapted from one at Rockome Gardens.  The original sits centrally amidst rock-defined, neatly tended flower beds and paths.





I've adapted the Old Bagdad School, an Amish (private) school, for this design.  Clapboard construction, white paint and white curtains grace the original in Arcola, Illinois.







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