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The Doors Of Kew

Chart leaflet printed on high-quality acid-free stock (30% post-consumer).

Price:  $6.50 each

Kew Gardens, within easy commuting distance of central London, is a wonderful place to visit and enjoy.  It has all of the elements of the cozy English village - the village green, the station parade, pubs and shops. 

In the late Victorian/Edwardian era, Kew Gardens became one of the first commuter suburbs.  Row houses such as those depicted on these chart covers were built to provide housing for those wishing to live outside the city.   It was an age of craftsmanship, so these houses remain not only functional, they are pleasing to the eye.   Details such as stained glass panels in the doors give each home a unique personality.   Many homes retain these glass panels, which have inspired the series, The Doors Of Kew.

Kew Gardens is also home to the Royal Botanic Gardens, a world leader in protecting and propagating plants from all over the world.   Gardens have been here since the 1730's and were greatly improved by George III (reigned 1760-1820).  In 1840, they were handed over to the State.  Today, visitors can explore approximately 210 acres of gardens and conservatories, as well as visit little Kew Palace, said to be one of George III's favorite residences.


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The Limes Sunny Dene Number 38 Number 75

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