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The American Southwest

The American Southwest is an environment of extremes.  It can be blazingly hot or, believe it not, very very cold.  Either way, it is an unforgiving domain for the unprepared.  It's sandstone and limestone formations tell us that this area was once under water.  These soft materials have eroded into the majestic red-and-gold hued "hills", "pillars" and "mountains" we see today.

Click on each picture to see a larger image. (Larger file may take a bit of time to load.)   Click the larger picture to return here, or use the "back" button on your browser.

Utah Pass

One of the most spectacular sights on the road from Las Vegas to Grand Junction, Colorado. Happily, there's a turn-out here.

White Pillar

Among the reds and the yellows of the American Southwest, this white rock formation stands out.


Red Mountain

Jutting up from the desert floor, red sandstone in afternoon sunlight, set against "Georgia O'Keefe" clouds.

Red Chimneys

Stark landscape, beautiful sky.

The "V" In the Mountains

Another take on the Utah pass, this one with a wider effect.

Fort Union

The crumbling adobe walls of this nineteenth century military outpost still stand guard in New Mexico.


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