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Europe Collection 1

England is my "home away from home".  Several of these are scenes from the Her Majesty's Palace and Tower Of London, including the rather formidable Raven.  A handful of these ravens are carefully kept at the Tower for, as tradition tells us, if the ravens should leave, the Kingdom will fall.  They have their very own Ravenmaster Yeoman Warder, roomy quarters (they're free on the grounds during the day) and one clipped wing each.  Intelligent and curious, the also have a nasty bite, so visitor beware.

Cambridge is my favorite of the university towns.  The River Cam flows lazily along "The Backs" and colleges along its shore each have a bridge across.  The view of King's College Chapel is from "The Backs", as well.

Sacre Coeur stands atop Montmartre in Paris, a white sentinel that is visible from any other "high" place in in the city, including the Eiffel Tower and the Arc d'Triumphe.  Montmartre remains something of an artist colony.  The front steps of Sacre Coeur and the small plaza at their base are home to those enjoying a spectacular view over the city of Paris.  You can ride up Montmartre on a "cable car" or take the steps - personally, I recommend riding up and walking down.

Click on each picture to see a larger image. (Larger file may take a bit of time to load.)  Click on the larger picture to return here, or use the "back" button on your browser.

Cradle Tower

One of the smallest towers at the Tower of London, Cradle Tower stands on the river side along the outer wall.

Cradle Tower 2

Cradle Tower in a different light.  The tower has just a hint of color against the black-and-white of this print.


Kings College Chapel

Henry VII founded Kings College, Cambridge. This large gothic chapel's choir faces the River Cam, across "The Backs".

Clare Bridge

This bridge gives Clare College, Cambridge its own way across the River Cam.

Sacre Coeur

Sacre Coeur de Jesus, a white church against the blue sky, stands atop Montmartre in Paris.

The Raven

Up to six ravens inhabit the Tower of London at any given time.  They are cared for by their own Yeoman Warder.


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